Sentence Examples

  • Trouble now arose between the Americans and the Filipinos under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo, for the latter wished to establish a government of their own.
  • Numerous small battles were fought with Aguinaldo and the insurgents, who were repeatedly defeated only to reappear in other places.
  • As a result he suspended operations and signed the treaty of Biacabato (Dec. 12, 1897), by which Aguinaldo and thirty-five of his chief followers were allowed to retire to Hongkong with a cash indemnity of 400,000 pesos.
  • Aguinaldo and his friends were allowed to come to Cavite in an American transport.
  • With the approval of Commodore Dewey, who allowed arms to be supplied him, Aguinaldo successfully renewed his campaign against the Spaniards until practically all Luzon, except the city of Manila and suburbs, was in his control.