Sentence Examples

  • An opening in the south jetty affords an entrance into Agha harbour, constructed in Agha Bay.
  • Agha harbour has also an independent entrance on its southern side.
  • Mokrani, bach-agha of the Mejana, whom the imperial government had loaded with honours, gave the signal.
  • The death of the bach-agha at the battle of Suflat, the submission of the Sheikh El Haddad, and finally the arrest of Bu-Meyrag, brother of Mokrani, mark the declining stages of the insurrection, which was completely suppressed by August 1871.
  • Ismail Agha Shekak, better known as Simko, living between Van and Urmia, murdered the patriarch of the Nestorians, who fled to Persian territory and called upon the Russians to avenge the murder.