Aggrandize Definition

ə-grăndīz, ăgrən-
aggrandized, aggrandizes, aggrandizing
aggrandized, aggrandizes, aggrandizing
To increase the scope of; extend.
Aggrandized the authority of his position.
American Heritage
To make greater, more powerful, richer, etc.
Webster's New World
To make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation.
American Heritage
To make seem greater or more exalted.
Webster's New World
To consider to be or cause to appear greater than is really the case; exaggerate.
Aggrandized his contributions to the project.
American Heritage

Origin of Aggrandize

  • French agrandir agrandiss- from Old French a- to (from Latin ad- ad–) grandir to grow larger (from Latin grandīre) (from grandis large)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • French agrandir

    From Wiktionary

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