Sentence Examples

  • Though chosen to accompany the king to Asia as one of his thirty advisers (ouµ(30vX01), he was kept inactive and his influence was broken by studied affronts, and finally he was sent at his own request as envoy to the Hellespont.
  • But no state could long tolerate the affronts which English seamen offered Spain.
  • In addition to these affronts upon the state religion, he insulted the intelligence of the community by horseplay of the wildest description and by childish practical joking.
  • The affronts which his poverty emboldened stupid and low-minded men to offer to him would have broken a mean spirit into sycophancy, but made him rude even to ferocity.
  • He affronts every canon of taste, more by a radical absence, it would seem, of the sense of proportion than by any desire to shock.

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