Sentence Examples

  • The immune system contains the following organs and cells: tonsils and adenoids; the thymus gland; lymph nodes; bone marrow; and white blood cells that leave blood vessels and migrate through tissues and lymphatic circulation.
  • There are many botanical/herbal remedies that can be used alone or in formulas to locally assist the tonsils and adenoids in their immune function at the opening of the oral cavity and to tone these glands.
  • Before antibiotics and the reduction in infectious childhood diseases over the last few generations of the twentieth century, tonsils and adenoids caused even greater health problems.
  • Although doctors in the past sometimes removed the child's tonsils or adenoids to treat recurrent otitis media with effusion, this practice is not recommended as of the early 2000s.
  • Because they encircle the only connection between the middle ear and the eustachian tube, hypertrophied adenoids can also obstruct the tube and cause middle ear infections.