Sentence Examples

  • And Henry and five or six daughters, including Adela, who married Stephen, count of Blois.
  • By the marriage, in 1149, of Adela of Vohburg with the emperor Frederick I., Eger came into the possession of the house of Swabia, and remained in the hands of the emperors until the 13th century.
  • CHARLES, called THE Good (le Bon), or THE Dane (c. 1084-1127), count of Flanders, only son of St Canute or Knut IV., king of Denmark, by Adela, daughter of Robert the Frisian, count of Flanders, was born about 1084.
  • HENRY OF BLOIS, bishop of Winchester (I 101-1171), was the son of Stephen, count of Blois, by Adela, daughter of William I., and brother of King Stephen.
  • The famous relic appears to be the solitary survivor of a class, for Abbot Baudri described in Latin verse a similar work executed for Adela, daughter of the Conqueror, and in earlier days the widow of Brihtnoth had wrought a similar record of her husband's exploits and death at the hard-fought battle of Maldon (991) See E.

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