Sentence Examples

  • For if the image of the Standing One were not actualized in us, it would not survive the death of the body.
  • This tendency is to be seen in the activity of Fries and Herbart and Beneke, and was actualized as the aftermath of their speculation.
  • Thus the ordinary rules of social behaviour are only hypothetically obligatory; they are actualized by the establishment of a " common power " 1 This influence was not exercised in the region of ethics.
  • When the power of writing has been actualized, we have a parallel to the intellectus in actu - the way of science and demonstration is entered.
  • Such a riper analysis of the mystery of his own personality enabled him to arrive at a clearer conception of the idea of divine personality, " whose triunity has nothing potential or unrealized about it; whose triune elements are eternally actualized, by no outward influence, but from within; a Trinity in Unity."