Sentence Examples

  • The simplest member of the series is acrolein, C 3 H 4 0 or CH 2: CH�CHO, which can be prepared by the oxidation of allyl alcohol, or by the abstraction of the elements of water from glycerin by heating it with anhydrous potassium bisulphate.
  • By passing acrolein vapour into ammonia, acrolein ammonia, C 6 H 9 NO, is obtained.
  • Cinnamic aldehyde ((3-phenyl acrolein), C6H5�CH: CH�CHO, an unsaturated aromatic aldehyde, is the chief constituent of cinnamon oil.
  • Scholtz (Ber., 1894, 2 7, p. 2 95 8) from piperonyl acrolein (the condensation product of piperonal and acetaldehyde) and acetic acid.
  • Fischer showed that methose was identical with the a-acrose obtained by himself and Tafel in 1887 by decomposing acrolein dibromide with baryta, and subsequently prepared by oxidizing glycerin with bromine in alkaline solution, and treating the product with dilute alkali at o°.