Sentence Examples

  • Mailer introduced the terms Polymyodi and Tracheophones, Huxley that of Oligomyodi; Mailer himself had, moreover, pointed out the more important characters of the mode of insertion, but it was Garrod who invented the corresponding terms of Acro- and Mesomyodi (= Tracheophones+Oligomyodi).
  • The water coming down from Acro-Corinth was introduced from behind.
  • The Acro-th The fortifications were again demolished by the polls of the g ?'
  • The temple, which is entirely of Pentelic marble, the Acro- is amphiprostyle tetrastyle, with fluted Ionic columns, polls.
  • Of the temple revealed a broad limestone pavement leading from the very northern edge of the city up through the indentation, in the direction of Acro-Corinth.