Sentence Examples

  • ACID-AMIDES, chemical compounds which may be considered as derived from ammonia by replacement of its hydrogen with acidyl residues, the substances produced being known as, primary, secondary or tertiary amides, according to the number of hydrogen atoms replaced.
  • Acid anhydrides replace the imino-hydrogen atom by acidyl radicals, and boiling with water converts them into phenols.
  • It is prepared by the action of aqueous or alcoholic solutions of the caustic alkalis on the nitroso-acidyl derivatives of methylamine (such, for example, as nitrosomethyl urethane, NO.
  • It is oxidized to pyridine by heating with concentrated sulphuric acid to 300° C., or with nitrobenzene to 250° C., or with silver acetate to 180° C. Being an imide it readily yields a nitroso derivative, and N-alkyl and acidyl derivatives.