Sentence Examples

  • The city must have gradually declined in the course of time; but the ruins of the Achaemenidae remained as a witness to its ancient glory.
  • The kings of the Pasargadae, from the clan of the Achaemenidae, had become kings of the Elamitic district Anshan (probably in 596, cf.
  • The power of the Achaemenidae, when at its maximum, extended from the Oxus and Indus in the east to Thrace in the west and Egypt in the south, but fell before Greece, after lasting for rather more than 200 years.
  • His family belonged to the clan of the Achaemenidae - in the inscription on the pillars and columns of the palace of Pasargadae (Murghab) he says: "I am Cyrus the king, the Achaemenid" - the principal clan (cbprp'q) of the Persian tribe of the Pasargadae.
  • ZOROASTER, one of the great teachers of the East, the founder of what was the national religion of the Perso-Iranian people from the time of the Achaemenidae to the close of the Sassanian period.

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