Sentence Examples

  • But if a majority of diviners decide against the accusers, the latter are set upon a wagon-load of brushwood and burned to death.
  • But two questions remain to be settled - (1) did her accusers at one time possess another version of this letter which if it existed was beyond doubt a forgery ?
  • We cannot, in short, believe Mary's accusers on their oaths.
  • If so, there was time for Lennox to lend to the accusers certain notes which a retainer of his, Thomas Crawford of Jordan Hill, swore (December 9, 1568) that he had made for Lennox (about January 22, 1567) of secret conversations between Darnley and Mary.
  • Lord Robert was the only friend of Darnley in Mary's entourage; and he even, according to the accusers, warned him of his danger in Kirk o' Field, to which they said that a Casket Letter (III.) referred.