Abusive Definition

ə-byo͝osĭv, -zĭv
Characterized by improper or wrongful use.
Abusive utilization of public funds.
American Heritage
Involving or characterized by abuse or misuse; abusing; mistreating.
Webster's New World
Using or containing insulting or hurtful language.
Finally reprimanded the abusive colleague.
American Heritage
Coarse and insulting in language; scurrilous; harshly scolding.
Webster's New World
Causing physical injury to another.
Abusive punishment.
American Heritage

Origin of Abusive

  • First attested in the 1530's. From French abusif, from Latin abūsīvus, from abusus + -ivus (“-ive”). Equivalent to abuse +‎ -ive.

    From Wiktionary

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