Sentence Examples

  • While many fire uniform patches have been adopted by fire stations to resemble police shield badges, many have stayed with the shape of the Maltese Cross with any of the above-mentioned symbols in combinations impressed upon them.
  • This is because those in the military are not usually eligible for the above-mentioned matching contributions, but can receive extra contribution credit through other means of income, such as incentive pay and check bonuses.
  • Even if you are not necessarily that good with numbers and budgeting, you can simply plug the amounts of the above-mentioned figures into a pre-made calculator and see how far your savings will get you.
  • Even though the above-mentioned websites are some of the best resources for cheap Walt Disney World tickets, you still will need to consider all of your options in terms of ticket types.
  • The Best Dressed Tot site offers an incredible selection of toddler tights, ranging from solids in every color of the rainbow to the above-mentioned polka dots or heart motifs.