Sentence Examples

  • He explained his aborted visit to Lydia Larkin and watching as she embraced her boss.
  • I re played the recording of our aborted final session and had judged it incorrectly when I first listened.
  • The most obvious feature the Apteryges afford is the presence of a back toe, while the extremely aborted condition of the wings, the position of the nostrils - almost at the tip of the maxilla - and the absence of an after-shaft in the feathers, are characters nearly as manifest, and others not less determinative, though more recondite, will be found on examination.
  • The aborted condition of this process can hardly be regarded but in connexion with the incapacity of the bird for flight, and may very likely be the result of disuse.
  • At the same time every bud on a others where it is more or less aborted (series Nudiflorae).