Sentence Examples

  • In Congress he was one of the ablest opponents of slavery, contending particularly against the Compromise Measures of 1850,1850, but he was never technically an Abolitionist and he disapproved of the Radicalism of Garrison and his followers.
  • In 1865 at the close of the war, he declared that, slavery being abolished, his career as an abolitionist was ended.
  • His services as an abolitionist pioneer are recorded in Clarkson's History of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade.
  • A United States arsenal and armoury were established at Harper's Ferry in 1796, the site being chosen because of the good water-power; these were seized on the 16th of October 1859 by John Brown, the abolitionist, and some 21 of his followers.
  • He also advocated the exclusion of abolitionist literature from the mails.