Sentence Examples

  • Meghan gives Felicity a book on wicca when Felicity expresses a desperation to get back to Noel, and Felicity searches through the book herself to find the correct spell after Meghan refuses to help.
  • Cultural and spiritual jewlelry stores, especially those focusing on Irish and Scottish heritage, vintage jewelry, and Wicca spiritualism may also have a unique selection of Celtic designs.
  • Wicca magic (or magick) can be done for any need, whether it is a blessing for a new baby or to ward away suspected evil intentions.
  • Wicca: The Wiccan faith believes that psychic gifts are natural human abilities that have been socially suppressed for centuries.
  • In Wicca, the test of psychic ability is only to question which degree of the gift is apparent in the person's life.