Sentence Examples

  • Most brides have an immediate preference for one diamond shape or another, whether they are interested in the classic elegance of a round gem, the sleek sophistication of an emerald shape, or the romantic whimsy of a heart shape.
  • This style truly showcases what happens when whimsy, fashion and color meet; the end result is a stunning black and hot pink number that, just for good measure, features a healthy dose of silver hardware.
  • Feathers: While not entirely conventional, feather hair accessories, particularly when well placed, add a touch of whimsy that's sure to bring a smile to the lips, and add a certain amount of charm.
  • The best ones are a little bit thick without being cumbersome; fuzzy without pilling; and maybe a little bit colorful to add a splash of cheer and whimsy to your everyday loungewear.
  • MailJust4Me has a variety of tea sets, including a brightly colored wooden set that's full of whimsy and paint-your-own tea sets that allow kids to be creative and design their own.