Sentence Examples

  • Potter), youv Kara aX770e1a3 KavOva yvw07L,ojs 7ra pa56cr ws iiroirreia, he rov irepi Kov/.coyovias rac Ev6EvSe ava,alvovva Eirl T6 OeoXoyLK6v eiSos.
  • His radical scepticism is seen in the first sentence of his IIEpi 01)o€ws, quoted by Cicero in the Academics ii.
  • A considerable fragment has been preserved from the sixth book, entitled Hitrpta KWVVTavTCVOUIroX€WS, a history of Byzantium from its earliest beginnings till the time of Constantine the Great.
  • 7rEpi 4 o€ws, implies the subordination of the artistic to a speculative motive.
  • Hence, Ws = (Wa+Wf)k/(1-k).