Sentence Examples

  • During the spring it is a haven for breaching humpback whales, blankets of wildflowers, and acres of unspoiled wilderness.
  • Families can spend the entire day at Hawaii's beaches for free while soaking up the sun, enjoying powder-soft sand, island breezes and miles of unspoiled views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Its combination of unspoiled wilderness, glimmering glaciers, towering mountains, and quaint waterfront communities, make it a dream vacation destination for cruisers of all ages.
  • Ensuring that food is prepared safely well-cooked and unspoiled can prevent bacterial gastroenteritis, but may not be effective against viral gastroenteritis.
  • With the promise of unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical beauty, it's no wonder a Tahiti honeymoon is such a popular choice.