Sentence Examples

  • The Nano does not come with much included in the box (just a dock adapter, USB cable and headphones), so you may need to invest in a protective case, armband, or other accessories -- these quickly add up and Apple knows it.
  • While a PS3 Slim comparison will reveal that the new version still provides a pair of USB ports and full 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, it is missing the ability to install a third-party operating system (OS).
  • Whirlpool brand is leading the way with its innovations in the laundry room including technology that senses, an industry-first USB port for future upgrades, touch screen technology, custom created cycles and more.
  • Netbooks still contain many of the same features as their larger laptop counterparts, like USB ports, display ports and webcams, but you'll find that for power users, netbooks may not provide sufficient power.
  • USB is the most common connection that manufacturers use for webcams, but you can still find older ones with a parallel/serial port (very low quality) or Firewire (just like digital camcorders).