Sentence Examples

  • I feared my unique relationship with Martha was terminally damaged and if so, I was heartbroken.
  • In Glyptodon (with which Schistopleurum is identical) the tailsheath consists of a series of coronet-like rings, gradually diminishing in diameter from base to tip. Daedicurus, in which the tailsheath is in the form of a huge solid club, is the largest member of the family; in Panochthus and Sclerocalyptus (Hoplophorus) the tail-sheath consists basally of a small number of smooth rings, and terminally of a tube.
  • 32, A, it appears that each ovule was borne terminally, on an extremely short axillary shoot, as in Taxus among recent Gymnosperms. The ovule consists of an integument (regarded by some writers as double) enclosing the nucellus.
  • Fertilis, from the Pottsville beds (Millstone Grit) of West Virginia, the rhomboidal seeds, flattened and winged like those of Cordaiteae, are borne terminally on the lateral pinnae of a frond, which elsewhere bears the characteristic cuneiform leaflets.
  • _This stylet is thus situated terminally when the proboscis has reached its maximum eversion.