Sentence Examples

  • At this point the oldest track went across Salisbury Plain towards Stonehenge and so on to Cornwall.
  • 1 The ownership of Stonehenge having been questioned, Sir E.
  • On the other hand, the Welsh bard Aneurin states that Stonehenge existed before the time of Aurelius, whose title of Ambrosius may, as suggested by Davies, have been derived from Stonehenge.
  • For all reasons an attempt to preserve Stonehenge was desirable; and the owner, Sir Edmund Antrobus I was willing, on certain conditions, as to limitations of access, to co-operate with the Society of Antiquaries, Wiltshire Archaeological Society and Society for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments in taking such steps as might be necessary to prevent more stones from falling, and even (if possible) to set up some which had fallen.
  • 4, which passages may have suggested that Armenian rite of founding a church, in which we witness the transition from a stonehenge to a church building.