Sentence Examples

  • They rode incessantly to battle over burning sands, in full armour 1 For instance, the abbey of Mount Sion had large possessions, not only in the Holy Land (at Ascalon, Jaffa, Acre, Tyre, Caesarea and Tarsus), but also in Sicily, Calabria, Lombardy, Spain and France (at Orleans, Bourges and Poitiers).
  • Had been to Ames- a large extent a personal ruler, but William II., sion of though for a time following in his father's steps, had William been moved by the revolutionary outbreaks of 1848 III' to concede a revision of the constitution.
  • From the bionomical point of view, the medusa is to be considered as a means of spreading the species, supplementing the deficiencies of the :" Ca sessile polyp. It may be, however, that increased reproductiveness becomes of greater importance to the species than wide diffu sion; such a condition FIG.
  • 690) from the ruins of Justinian's church of St Mary on Mount Sion, and the central avenue or nave built with them presents the appearance of a Christian church; it however runs north and south, the Mecca niche being at the south end; originally there were seven aisles on each side, now reduced to three.
  • The family had strong Catholic leanings, and two of Nicholas's sisters, who must have been much older than he was, became nuns of Sion convent before its dissolution.