Sentence Examples

  • While most women buy their bridal gowns in a store after numerous fittings, a bride wanting a traditional Asian gown may have to resort to ordering online and then finding a seamstress to finish tailoring the dress.
  • If there is not a local seamstress who has experience with such projects where you live, there are people online (such as Dance Sport Ballgowns, above) who will take your measurements and make a custom gown to your liking.
  • Even a good seamstress knows practice makes perfect and it's not worth getting upset if you sew a wrong seam on a yard of Laura Ashley fabric, when you could have used something less expensive in the beginning.
  • You may want to hire a professional seamstress, although in fact some of the clothes are not as hard to make as you would think, especially since they don't have to fit as constructive as Renaissance costumes.
  • You may want to commission a seamstress to design and/or sew lady bug bedding sets, cloth wall hangings, etc. Finally, don't forget to check out Ebay as you search for lady bug accessories and nursery bedding.