Sentence Examples

  • To bless and sanctify these candles for the use of men, and the health of bodies and souls....
  • According to the former, Moses is instructed by God (Elohim) to sanctify the people against the third day (vv.
  • His phrase does not therefore sanctify the established fact but, on the contrary, declares that it partakes of reality only so far as it embodies the ideal of a coherent and stable system which it is not.
  • It would be almost truer, though only half the truth, to say that the clergy gave the name of Crusade to sanctify interests and ambitions which, while set on other ends than those of the Church, happened to coincide in their choice of means.
  • Hence priests would remove their ceremonial dress before leaving the sanctuary " that they sanctify not the people with their garments " (Ezek.