Sentence Examples

  • As Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has noted, democracies don't have famines.
  • See the articles on Arya, Samaj, Keshub Chunder Sen, Ram Mohan Roy.
  • D~ constructed ~o join KiOto with Yedo, but follows an sen O inland course through the provinces of Yamashiro, Omi, Mino, Shinshu, KOtzuke and Musashi.
  • Electric tramcars run throughout the city carrying passengers at a uniform rate of 4 sen, which means that it is possible to travel some 10 in.
  • The most important of these documents, a poem in Provençal, "La Nobla Leyczon," contains two lines which claimed for it the date of i 100: Ben ha mil e cent anez compli entierament Que fo scripta 1' ora, car sen al derier temp.