Sentence Examples

  • Frbs which occur on particular dry kinds of soil, such as lime- rf one rocks, stiff clay, and so forth (Warming, 1909: 289).
  • If al, a2, ...a, n be the roots of f=o, (1, R2, -Ai the roots of 0=o, the condition that some root of 0 =o may qq cause f to vanish is clearly R s, 5 =f (01)f (N2) � �;f (Nn) = 0; so that Rf,q5 is the resultant of f and and expressed as a function of the roots, it is of degree m in each root 13, and of degree n in each root a, and also a symmetric function alike of the roots a and of the roots 1 3; hence, expressed in terms of the coefficients, it is homogeneous and of degree n in the coefficients of f, and homogeneous and of degree m in the coefficients of 4..
  • Rf > a> b> o> a'> -Do; and then so that PT =c/Zir, and the curve AP is the tractrix; and the coefficient of contraction, or breadth of the jet breadth of the orifice - +i' A change of S2 and 0 into nS2 and nO will give the solution for two walls converging symmetrically to the orifice AA 1 at an angle zr/n.
  • 30, 46 a 30), or the De Interpretatione, which he calls " the present theory " (rf j s 'Dv Oecopias, De Int.
  • When k2> 4u, the solution of (29) is, in real form, x = aie-_t/ri +aie)rf, (32)