Sentence Examples

  • Auditory discrimination is part of phonology which, in turn, is one of the five components of language.
  • From the latter words, according to the peculiarities of Greek phonology, is formed Hpo,unO05-s, Prometheus.
  • See also C. C. Marden, The Phonology of the Spanish Dialect of Mexico City (Baltimore, 1896); J., Sanchez Somoano, Modismos, locuciones y trm/nos mexicanos (Madrid, 1892), and F.
  • Owing to the peculiar character of the Tables no grammatical statement about Umbrian is free from difficulty; and these bare outlines of its phonology must be supplemented by reference to the lucid discussion in C. D.
  • Gesellschaft, 1892), and in I894 he was able to write a little manual of Egyptian for beginners (Agyplische Grammatik, 2nd ed., 1902), centring on the language of the standard inscriptions of the Middle and New Kingdoms, but accompanying the main sketch with references to earlier and later forms. Of the work of Ermans pupils we may mention G Steindorifs ~ttle Koptische Grammatik (1894, ed 1904), improving greatly on Sterns standard work in regard to phonology and the relationship of Coptic forms to Egyptian, and K.