Sentence Examples

  • Poof sleeve: These come in a variety of lengths, from off the shoulder, three-quarter-length poofs, or a combination of a poof at the shoulder and a more fitted sleeve to the wrist which is commonly called a Juliet sleeve.
  • They need not be elegant or particularly chic, but instead, dresses that are comically ornate and feature a tremendous amount of "poof!" fall into the almost stereotypical category of infant birthday party attire.
  • Most software includes a printed manual along with an installer disc you must file in a safe place in case your software goes "poof" in the night.
  • Virgo men are known for their good looks and winning smiles, but just when you think you have one of them snared, poof, he vanishes.
  • Tulle - If you love the full look that most ballgowns have, tulle will give you the characteristic poof at the bottom.