Sentence Examples

  • He is attacked by spores and forced to fall in love with Jill Ireland, and is subjected to the ignominious ritual pon farr as Gene Roddenberry tries to invent a reason why purely rational beings might be forced to have sex.
  • Unfortunately, part of the mating ritual involves Spock suffering from a condition known as Pon farr, in which the male Vulcan must "mate or die."
  • While Spock was inflicted by the Vulcan blood fever "pon farr", he underwent a period of intense and uncontrollable emotional outbursts.
  • The first single, Pon de Replay, eventually climbed to number two on the US and UK charts, and was also a huge hit in Japan.
  • The army is under the command of the senior Chinese amban, a Tibetan generalissimo or mag-pon, and six Tibetan generals (dah-pon or de-pon).