Sentence Examples

  • Condos oftentimes come with their own insurance policies that are covered from condo association dues, but in many cases an inspection of the insurance papers may reveal that the insurance does not cover anything related to a home business.
  • Mental health professionals look more toward the psychological impact of the worry as opposed to the physical symptoms, although alleviation of the worry and anxiety oftentimes makes the physical symptoms lessen or diminish completely.
  • Oftentimes, people who are trying to figure out how to pay for their insurance coverage will forgo vision coverage, simply because the cost is too great to have basic health insurance in addition to a vision coverage insurance rider.
  • When an applicant applies for a mortgage loan it's through a mortgage lender, but oftentimes the loan is then packaged with a large number of other loans and then the entire package is sold or transferred to a mortgage servicer.
  • Ever since Jennifer Lopez hit the entertainment scene, first as a dancer and then gaining fame as a singer and actress, she has been subjected to the oftentimes skewed reality that is Hollywood's take on the female form.