Sentence Examples

  • However, technical developments may make floating offshore wind farms economically feasible in the future.
  • Using offshore outsourcing saves funding to fuel development projects that would have been unaffordable, allowing the small business entrepreneur to compete in a world of corporate giants.
  • Offshore outsourcing has become a hotly debated issue as more and more U.S. companies turn to it as a way of saving money with offshore production or gaining technical skilled and lower cost workers.
  • While cruise packages generally include many of the onboard activities, again check carefully to see exactly what is and is not included -- fro instance, many do not include offshore excursions.
  • Cape Wind, the nation's first approved offshore wind farm, estimates that its wind turbines will produce the equivalent of 570,000 tons of coal, or 113 million gallons of oil, or 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas.