Sentence Examples

  • A decimal system of numeration was used, with numbers going up to io,000.
  • Other Methods of Numeration and Notation.
  • At present, both in N and B, Hebrews is placed after 2 Thess., but in B there is also a continuous numeration of sections throughout the epistles, according to which I to 58 cover Romans to Galatians, but Ephesians, the next epistle, begins with 70 instead of 59, and the omitted section numbers are found in Hebrews.
  • This seems to be in part due to a difference in numeration, but the state suffered heavily from famine in 1896-1897 and 1899-1900.
  • With Regard To The Numeration Of The Years Previous To The Commencement Of The Era, The Practice Is Not Uniform.