Sentence Examples

  • This skin needs to be cared for differently from the face and body, and it is prone to showing age faster and more harshly, as Nora Ephron recently discussed in her book of essays entitled I Feel Bad About My Neck.
  • Heroines come in all shapes and sizes on ABC soap operas from Erica Kane to Laura Spencer to Nora Buchanan while male heroes like Luke Spencer, Tad Martin and Antonio Vega are great choices for boy names.
  • Smith (Nora Hanen, One Life to Live) - Smith portrayed Guya, a spiritual guide who reinvented herself after her husband got caught up in a scandal and maternal aunt of Owen and Gina.
  • Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl - Choose from the baby dolls -- Cloe, Nita, Nora, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade and get friends and a puppy safely out of the mall.
  • The following ranges belong to the Transmontane system, which is the southern extension of the mountains of Galicia: Peneda (4728 ft.), forming the watershed between the river Lima and the lower Minho; the Serra do Gerez (4817 ft.), which rises like a gigantic wall between the Lima and the Homem, and sends off a spur known as the Amarella, Oural and Nora, south-westward between the Homem and the Cavado; La Raya Seca, a continuation of Gerez, which culminates in Larouco (4390 ft.) and contains the sources of the Cavado; Cabreira (4196 ft.), which contains the sources of the river Ave and separates the basin of the Tamega from that of the Cavado; Marao (4642 ft.), Villarelho (3547 ft.) and Padrella (3763 ft.), forming together a large massif between the rivers Tamega, Tua and Douro; and Nogueira (4331 ft.) and Bornes (3944 ft.), which divide the valley of the Tua from that of the Sabor.