Sentence Examples

  • He finds near kinsmen for them in the Ainus of Japan, the Khmers and Chams of Cambodia and among some of the Micronesian islanders who, in spite of much crossing, still exhibit marked Caucasic types.
  • The natives, who are Micronesian hybrids of finer physique than their kinsmen of the Pelew Islands, have a comparatively high mental standard, being careful agriculturists, and peculiarly clever boatbuilders and navigators.
  • The second ethnic division, the Polynesian-Micronesian races, represents a far later migration and occupation of the Pacific islands.
  • In the Micronesian Islands, while animism and tabu were strong, there was not the cannibalism of the southern islands.
  • The Micronesian islanders form in the main a branch of the Polynesian race, but distinguished from it by well-marked differences in appearance, language and institutions.