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  • De Morgan, Carte de la necropole memphite (Cairo, 1897); Baedeker's Egypt; J.
  • He was the founder of the fourth dynasty, and was probably born in Middle Egypt near Beni Hasan, in a town afterwards known as "Khufu's Nurse," but was connected with the Memphite third dynasty.
  • He was entitled "the renewal of the life" of the Memphite god Ptah: but after death he became Osorapis, i.e.
  • According to one account in Tacitus, Sarapis was the god of the village of Rhacotis before it suddenly expanded into a great capital; but it is not very probable that temples were erected to the dead Apis except at his Memphite tomb.
  • Theoretically, as its name Heptanomis implies, this division contained seven nomes, actually from the Hermopolite on the south to the Memphite on the north (excluding the Arsinoite according to the papyri).

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