Sentence Examples

  • In a niche is a Houdon bust of Lafayette, a replica of the original presented to the city of Paris by the state of Virginia.
  • He graduated in 1840 from Lafayette College, where he was tutor in mathematics (1840-1842) and adjunct professor (1843-1844).
  • He served in the army as marechal-de-camp under Luckner and Lafayette, but was accused of treason on the 15th of August 17 9 2, fled the country, and was imprisoned by the Austrians.
  • The older formation of the Quaternary period is the Lafayette (also called "Orange-sand" or "stratified drift"), which immediately overlies all the Cretaceous groups except the prairies of the Selma chalk, and all the Tertiary except the Porters Creek and Vicksburg formations and parts of the Jackson.
  • Mirabeau at first attempted again to make an alliance with Lafayette, but it was useless, for Lafayette was not a strong man himself and did not appreciate "la force" in others.