Sentence Examples

  • Jeff Probst has already declared Dan Kay this season's Cocker Spaniel, so does this 32-year-old Boston lawyer have what it takes to outwit his fellow Survivor Gabon contestants?
  • The fact that he's an avid marathon runner might just provide him with enough endurance power to deal with the terrain of Gabon, but can he survive his tribe mates?
  • Marcus Lehman, a 28-year-old physician from Atlanta, Georgia, believes he has the brains and physicality to bring his A-game to Survivor Gabon.
  • Survivor Gabon marks the 17th season of the show and there are rumblings that host Jeff Probst's contract is up after the next two seasons.
  • Instead, Bob Crowley won Survivor Gabon and left Gabon with the $1 million purse and teacher/hairdresser Susie came in second.