Sentence Examples

  • Dai volumi manoscritti degli archivi Vaticani della S.
  • There are many documents in Zobi, Storia civile della Toscana, vols.
  • In length, the highest point of which, the Punta della Scomunica, is 1339 ft.
  • The railway system of Sardinia is in the hands of two companies - the Compagnia Reale delle Ferrovie Sarde, and the Compagnia delle Ferrovie Secondarie della Sardegna.
  • Turris Libisonis was also connected with Othoca by a road along the west coast, passing through Tharros, Cornus and Bosa; this road went on to Tibula 2 (Capo della Testa) at the north extremity of the island and so by the coast to Olbia.