Sentence Examples

  • A common style for Swiss made Mickey Mouse collectible watches shows a smiling Mickey in a jaunty pose with his arms serving as the hour and minute hands, but there are other types of Mickey watches that show only Mickey's happy face.
  • By 1998, Mattel finally purchased the licensing of Polly Pocket items and went on to redesign and create a totally new series of the dolls and their many accessories, making them a sought-after collectible among young girls.
  • Marie's doll company focuses on what collectors truly want in a collectible doll: fine porcelain, creative ideas, realistic and high-quality features, including hair, eyes, and wardrobe, and of course memorable faces.
  • If you're really yearning for a pair of sheep slippers with the distinctive Serta sheep and aren't in the market for a new mattress, your best bet may be to search online at eBay or specialty or collectible shops.
  • If you choose the Wholesale/Retail Online, Printed Guide or Collectible Exotics tabs, it will redirect you to a form where you must supply your name, address, email and telephone to get pricing information.