Sentence Examples

  • A combination of three of the world's largest antique and collectible directories have joined together on one website providing an array of values, images and information pertaining to antiques and collectibles in many different categories.
  • At the front of the bed is a lidded, storage area that can hold collectibles, books, toys, etc. Its bright blue coloring and happy "Thomas" face give the bed such an inviting look that children may beg to go to sleep even before bedtime!
  • These collectibles are just hard to come by and can include anything from a $7.00 pattern for making your own Next Generation Star Trek Uniform to paying thousands of dollars for an item actually used in one of the TV series or movies.
  • For some types of collectibles a vintage item is older that 25 years and newer than 100 years; however, because the first solar watches arrived on the market in the 1970s, the oldest vintage solar watches are less than 40 years old.
  • Armed with that knowledge, you will need to consider your budget, keeping in mind if the person loves one of those tough-to-get collectibles, say a Dalla Valle Maya, you can expect to considerably crimp your disposable income.