Sentence Examples

  • Present-day cinema culture is very much one of popcorn and Coca Cola at the cinema complexes in malls.
  • The 1960s brought about several changes in the film industry, including the rise of color in films, the popularity of spy movies (like James Bond) and the increasing influence of British cinema on films made in the United States.
  • Cinema Seekers: Here you'll find a detailed article on the topic that includes what the author believes are supporting biblical quotes from the books of John, Matthew, Luke and Mark.
  • The score went a step above most other cinema orchestral pieces of the time and propelled the movie industry into the generation of films with large orchestra compositions and music that filled the theater with depth and wonderful noise.
  • These soundtracks are just a sampling of some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful soundtracks, but there are many others, ranging from the musicals from early days of cinema up through modern times.