Sentence Examples

  • I Love Swimwear sells several thong swimsuits including Chica Rica Glam Rock Thong Bikini and Polka Dot Thong Bikini.
  • Chica: This is perfect for girls who like the boy short look.
  • The Boca Grande was filled with stone after the city had been captured three times, because of the ease with which an enemy's ships could pass through it at any time, and the narrow and more easily defended Boca Chica, 7 m.
  • They are addicted to the excessive use of chica (a native beer made from Indian corn), and have little or no ambition to improve their condition, but this may be attributed in part to their profound ignorance and to the.
  • There were formerly two entrances to the harbour - the Boca Grande (large mouth) between the low sandy island or peninsula on which the city stands and the island of Tierra Bomba, and the Boca Chica (small mouth) at the south end of the latter island.