Sentence Examples

  • When cyanogen is prepared by heating mercuric cyanide, a residue known as para-cyanogen, (CN)x, is left; this is to be regarded as a polymer of cyanogen.
  • CN, may be prepared by the action of silver cyanide on acetyl chloride; or of acetyl chloride on nitrosoacetone (L.
  • The isothermals of mean surface temperature in the South Atlantic are in the lower latitudes of an cn- shape, temperatures being higher on the American than on the African side.
  • A considerable amount of local autonomy was allowed, and dependence cn Vienna was very slight and not irksome.
  • When the nematocyst is completely developed, the cnidoblast passes outwards so as to occupy a superficial position in the ectoderm, and a delicate protoplasmic process of sensory nature, termed the cnidocil (cn) projects from the cnidoblast like a fine hair or cilium.