Sentence Examples

  • In their travels to other worlds, the SG-1 team found powerful allies, including the Asgard, a spacefaring race of skinny big-eyed little grey fellowed with that classic 'alien' look, and the Tok'ra, who was the 'good guy' Goa'uld.
  • Not much has come forward yet regarding the plot of the film but one of the film's taglines highlights that Thor learns how to be a true hero when the Asgard come to invade planet Earth.
  • Its three roots go down into the three great realms - (I) of death, where, in the well Hvergelmer, the dragon Nidhug (Niandggr) and his brood are ever gnawing it; (2) of the giants, where, in the fountain of Mimer, is the source of wisdom; (3) of the gods, Asgard, where, at the sacred fountain of Urd, is the divine tribunal, and the dwelling of the Fates.
  • Henri de Tourville, in his Histoire de la formation particulariste (1903), basing his argument on the Ynglinga Saga, interpreted in the light of " Social Science," reveals Odin, " the traveller," as a great " caravan-leader " and warrior, who, driven f rem Asgard - a trading city on the borders of the steppes east of the Don - by " the blows that Pompey aimed at Mithridates," brought to the north the arts and industries of the East.

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