Sentence Examples

  • Alexander entered Persis, the cradle of the Achaemenian house, and came upon fresh masses of treasure in the royal city, Persepolis.
  • The Sassanian kings have covered the face of the rocks in this neighbourhood, and in part even the Achaemenian ruins, with their sculptures and inscriptions, and must themselves have built largely here, although never on the same scale of magnificence as their ancient predecessors.
  • And Tiridates from the Achaemenian king Artaxerxes II., but this has evidently no historical value.
  • It was inhabited by an Iranian tribe, the Parthava of the inscriptions of Darius; the correct Greek form is HapOvaioc. Parthia became a province of the Achaemenian and then of the Macedonian Empire.
  • 8) including a head-dress, the diadema, which was suggested by that of the Achaemenian king (Just.

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