Sentence Examples

  • With just a few 2 x 4s, some drywall, spackle, paint and a closet door, you can turn your home from a two bedroom and a den into a three bedroom house, instantly increasing your home's value over the course of a day.
  • Build a simple square or rectangular frame from the 2 x 4s by pre-drilling holes in the ends of them and attaching them together using wood screws.
  • Once you determine the size of the bed you want to build, calculate all the wood you are going to need for the bed frame using 2 x 4s.
  • Measure the width of the inside of the bed frame and cut three or four 2 x 4s to that measurement to be used as support braces.
  • Cut the 2 x 4s to size or have them cut to size where you purchase them.