Sentence Examples

  • The affinities of the Dinoflagellata are certainly with those Cryptomonadine Flagellates which possess two unequal flagella; the zoospores or young of the Cystoflagellates are practically colourless Dinoflagellates.
  • Such a behaviour is very similar to the production of zoospores which is so common in many filamentous algae.
  • I) of the same nature as those of the zoospores and antherozoids of algae, mosses, &c.
  • One is shown more highly magnified (400 diameters) at F; the contained protoplasm breaks up into a definite number of parts as at G, forming eight minute mobile bodies called "zoospores," each zoospore being furnished with two extremely attentuated vibrating hairs termed "cilia," as shown at H.
  • These zoospores escape and swim about in any film of moisture, and on going to rest take a spherical form, germinate and produce threads of mycelium as at K.

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