Sentence Examples

  • Zoogloea of Bacterium merismopedioides, Zopf, containing cocci arranged in tablets.
  • It is these bacteria which form the zoogloea of the " mother of vinegar," though this film may contain other organisms as well.
  • Mixed zoogloea found as a pellicle on the surface of vegetable infusions, &c.; it consists of various forms, and contains cocci (a) and rodlets, in series (b and c), &c. (x 540).
  • Egg-shaped mass of zoogloea of Beggiatoa roseo-persicina (Bacterium rubescens of Lankester); the gelatinous swollen walls of the large crowded cocci are fused into a common gelatinous envelope.
  • C. Reticulate zoogloea of the same (x 250).

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